Covid Travel Restrictions Map
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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Map

Date: 17th of October 2020


Which countries are open to visitors? Which countries are partially opened, or completely closed? Which countries are scheduled to open to international visitors and when?

We do live in confusing and uncertain times and, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to know which countries are welcoming visitors and which have removed the welcome mat for the moment!

The pandemic has decimated the international travel industry and has led to many countries imposing quarantines, entry bans, or other travel restrictions.

Some countries (e.g. Australia) have imposed international travel restrictions that apply to all foreign countries and territories, banning their own citizens from travelling overseas.

It will be some time before things get back to normal, however, some countries which rely heavily on tourism, especially in the Caribbean region, have started to open their doors to visitors, with each country imposing its own entry requirements.

The situation remains very fluid, with travel restrictions changing on a daily basis.

How to make sense of it all?


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 260 members. IATA maintain a database, called ‘Timatic‘, which lists the entry requirements for all countries and territories, with the information being provided by airlines and governments

The data from Timatic is made available to travel agents, travel companies and airlines – who use it at the time of passenger check-in to ensure their passengers are compliant with border control rules and regulations.

Some travel agents are now using this information to provide their customers with interactive maps which show clearly current restrictions being imposed by each country.

Travel Restrictions Map

Covid Travel Restrictions Map

Covid Travel Restrictions Map

One of the best interactive maps is provided by and can be accessed here.

The map, which is updated on a daily basis, shows which countries are:

  • Currently open to tourists without restrictions (shaded in green).
  • Planning to re-open soon (shaded in gold).
  • Those that are partially open with some restrictions (shaded in pink). 
  • Those that are completely closed (shaded in brown).

You can read the entry and exit requirements for a particular country by clicking on it.

Travel Updates

Guyana Covid Travel Advisory

Guyana Covid Travel Advisory

The same page also includes useful travel updates for different countries as their situation changes. The latest announcement (from the 16th of October 2020) comes from Guyana, and advises that commercial flights have now resumed to that country.

Future Travel Plans

For those stuck in countries with travel bans, any thoughts of international travel are pure fantasy at the moment. However, for those living in countries where international travel is possible, I hope this information proves to be useful.


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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Map COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Map

Author: Darren McLean

A perpetual traveller, photographer, travel writer and owner of taste2travel, a website which aims to inspire wanderlust.

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