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Typical Åland Islands Landscape

Åland Islands Travel Guide

Located in the Baltic Sea, the Åland Islands are a Swedish-speaking territory of Finland which provide a rewarding travel experience for those willing to stray from the established tourist...

Henley Passport Index

How powerful is your passport? The Henley Passport Index ranks the strength of all passports according to the number of countries which can be visited visa-free.

Artwork in Havana.

Cuba Travel Guide

Cuba is an enchanting destination! A country with a long and complex history and fascinating culture, the largest island in the Caribbean, which is home to the region's largest population.

Tongan artwork at Friend's Cafe in Nuku'alofa.

Tonga Travel Guide

Tonga claims to be the 'True South Pacific' and with a rich history dating back more than 3,000 - it rightly claims to be the ‘cradle of Polynesian culture’.