01. The capital of which Caribbean island was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1997?

Montserrat is a modern-day, tropical Pompeii!
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02. Known as a diver's paradise, the entire coastline of which Caribbean island is protected by a marine park?

Most of the coastline of Bonaire is rocky with a reef running along the entire shoreline, not an island for a beach vacation.
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03. Negril beach is located on which Caribbean island?

My favourite beach Jamaican beach - Seven Mile Beach at Negril.
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04. This is the flag of which Caribbean country?

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05. On which Caribbean island is the Florin the official currency?

Dutch-style Architecture Aruba
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06. Descendants of indigenous Carib Indians, the Kalinago people, inhabit a 3,700-acre territory on which island?

Traditional Kalinago busts carved from palm stumps.
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07. Which is the only Caribbean island to feature a drive-in volcano?

Located near the town of Soufrière, Sulphur Springs is the "world's only drive in volcano".
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08. Which is the official language of the island of Tobago?

The beach at Pigeon Point is one of the finest on the island of Tobago.
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09. Which two South American nations are members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) organisation.

A rainbow over Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.
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10. Which is the capital of Grenada?

View of St. Georges, the capital of Grenada.
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11. Which Caribbean city has the distinction of being the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the Americas?

Convent of the Dominican Order, Santo Domingo.
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12. On which Caribbean island would you find black sand beaches, rather than white sand beaches?

Who needs a white-sand beach? Montserrat offers many beautiful volcanic-sand beaches such as Woodlands Bay.
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13. This is the flag of which Caribbean country?

Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag
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14. Settled by French pioneers, the city of Cienfuegos is located on which Caribbean island?

A view from Plaza José Martí, the heart of Cienfuegos, with the red dome of the imposing Palacio de Gobierno (home to the Museo Provincial) in the background.
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15. This is the flag of which Caribbean territory?

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16. George Washington only ever left the United States once, spending two months on which Caribbean Island?

The George Washington House Museum, Barbados.
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17. Which Caribbean island is shared by two countries, France and the Netherlands?

Air France flight on final approach to Sint Maarten airport, flying low over Maho Beach.
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18. On which island would you be if you were visiting the former town hall of Fort-de-France?

The 'Hotel de Ville' (Town Hall) in Fort-de-France.
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19. Which are the ABC islands?

Penha House and the colourful Handelskade line the waterfront in downtown Willemstad.
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20. Which Caribbean island is known as the 'Spice Island'?

Nutmeg is Grenada's #1 export.
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