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Known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills", the topography of Rwanda is ideal for the cultivation of tea.

Rwanda Travel Guide

Rwanda is a diverse and enchanting African destination, which is clean, efficient, corruption-free, organised, safe, friendly and absolutely visitor-friendly.

The Roman theatre at Sabratha.

Libya Travel Guide

After decades of the reclusive Ghaddafi regime, and more than ten years of civil war, Libya is finally dusting itself off and slowly opening its door to tourists. For intrepid travellers...

Somaliland Travel Guide

Located in a remote corner of eastern Africa, Somaliland is an intriguing destination for adventurous, intrepid, travellers seeking to discover a unique and lesser-known part of the world.

Djibouti Travel Guide

Due to its unique location at the tri-point of three tectonic plates, tiny Djibouti offers some astounding scenery. This is a country whose geography is a 'work in progress'.