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USA Travel Trivia

This is a USA Travel Trivia quiz from taste2travel!

How well do you know America?

Test your knowledge with this USA Travel Trivia quiz from taste2travel.


How well will you score? Your result will be displayed at the bottom of the quiz – will you get to see the legendary Marco Polo?

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01. In which state would you be if you were holidaying at Cape Cod?

Fishing Buoys Cape Cod
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02. In which city would you be if you were visiting Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley?

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03. The Bill Clinton Presidential Library is located in which city?

Bill Clinton Presidential Library
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04. In which state would you be if you were visiting the historic city of Charleston?

Charleston Mansion
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05. Which is the only US state whose flag includes the Union Jack in its design?

Flag of Hawaii
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06. The Kennedy Space Centre is located in which state?

Rocket Garden Kennedy Space Centre
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07. At 192 metres, the Gateway Arch is the world's tallest arch. In which city is it located?

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08. Washington DC borders which two states?

Washington Baubles
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09. Which is the capital of Illinois?

Chicago Bean
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10. Big Sur is a rugged and mountainous section of coastline which is located in which state?

Big Sur
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11. Where would you be if you were visiting Arlington cemetery?

Arlington Cemetery
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12. Epcot is a Disney theme park located in which state?

EPCOT Centre
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13. Which city is this?

New York City
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14. The Boeing factory at Everett is located in which state?

Boeing Museum
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15. This is the flag of which state?

Flag of Ohio
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16. Which is the capital of California?

California State Capitol
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17. In terms of area, which is the smallest state in the US?

Rhode Island State Capitol
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18. The Grand Canyon is located in which state?

The Grand Canyon is one of 1,154 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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19. In which US state are Niagara Falls located?

Niagara Falls
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20. Which is the capital of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire State Capitol
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Travel Quiz 27: USA
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