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Africa Travel Quiz

This is an Africa Travel quiz from taste2travel!

How well do you know Africa? Test your knowledge of with this Africa Travel quiz from taste2travel. 


How well will you score? Your result will be displayed at the bottom of the quiz – will you get to see the legendary Marco Polo?

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01. If you were dining at a restaurant in Mamoudzou, the capital of Mayotte, and you paid in the local currency, which currency would you use?

My favourite restaurant in Mamoudzou, the charming Auberge du Rond-Point offers wonderful meals.
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02. Which country would you be visiting if you were shopping at the craft market in the capital city of Mbabane?

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03. Africa's largest canyon, the Fish River Canyon, is located in which country?

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04. The Bardo National Museum houses one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world. In which city is it located?

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05. The fabled city of Timbuktu (Tombouctou in French) is located in which country?

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06. Voted the world's most beautiful beach, Anse Source D'Argent is located on which African island nation?

Anse Source d’Argent has been voted "the most beautiful beach" in the world. Praslin island is visible in the background.
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07. In which country would you be if you were visiting this ancient ruin complex.

Great Zimbabwe ruin complex.
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08. This large adobe mosque is considered by many architects to be one of the greatest achievements of the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. In which city is it located?

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09. With an estimated 2,400 remaining in the wild, the endangered Grevy's zebra is one of how many different species of Zebra?

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10. Which country is famous for the production of handwoven Kente cloth?

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11. The ancient port city of Alexandria is located on which body of water?

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12. With just 400 remaining in the wild, these West African giraffe (photographed at Kouré, Niger) are one of how many sub-species of giraffe?

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13. This is the flag of which African nation?

The flag of Mauritius is known as the 'Four Bands'.
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14. In which country would you be if you were exploring the Okavango Delta.

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15. The people of the Fulani ethnic group inhabit the northern region of which country?

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16. In which country would you be if you were photographing a Reticulated giraffe in the Samburu National Reserve?

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17. What's the name given to the small wooden sailing boats which ply the river Nile in Egypt?

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18. The ancient city of Constantine is located in which country?

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19. In which country would you be if you were visiting the stilted village of Ganvie?

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20. The world's largest desert, the Sahara spans how many African nations?

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Travel Quiz 21: Africa
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