United Airlines' UA154 on approach to Pohnpei Airport.
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Pacific Islands Travel Quiz

This is a Pacific Islands Travel Quiz from taste2travel!


How well do you know the islands of the Pacific Ocean?

Test your knowledge with this Pacific Islands Travel quiz from taste2travel.


How well will you score? Your result will be displayed at the bottom of the quiz – will you get to see the legendary Marco Polo?

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01. This is the flag of which Pacific island territory?

The flag of Niue.
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02. Which is the capital of Papua New Guinea?

Artwork on display at Lae airport.
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03. With an area of 21 km2 (8.1 square miles), which is the smallest Pacific nation?

Cover Photo: Anibare Bay, Nauru.
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04. Where would you be if you were touring the island of Moorea?

Created by ancient volcanoes, Moorea is incredibly rugged and beautiful.
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05. Referred to as the Stonehenge of the Pacific, Haʻamonga ʻa Maui ("The Burden of Maui") is a stone trilithon located on which island?

The #1 sight in Tonga - the impressive Haʻamonga ʻa Maui (the Stonehenge of the Pacific).
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06. The Federated States of Micronesia consist of how many states?

United Airlines' UA154 on approach to Pohnpei Airport.
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07. Which is the currency of Tonga?

The official residence of the King of Tonga, the Victorian-style, wooden Royal Palace overlooks the waterfront in Nuku'alofa.
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08. This is the flag of which Pacific island nation?

Marshall Islands Flag
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09. These iconic buses are to be found on which Pacific nation?

The colourful buses of Samoa are very funky.
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10. Which is the capital of New Zealand?

Departing Norfolk Island on Air New Zealand.
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11. On which Pacific island group would you find a variety of Marine iguanas?

A Galapagos land iguana on South Plaza Island.
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12. With an annual GDP of US$1,641 which is the poorest Pacific nation?

Traditional house on South Tarawa.
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13. Which is the capital of Tuvalu?

Fishermen heading out to fish the waters off Funafuti.
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14. This is the flag of which Pacific island nation?

The flag of Nauru.
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15. On which island would you be if you were visiting the capital of Pago Pago?

American Samoa Travel Guide: American Samoa National Park
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16. Guam is a Pacific territory of which country?

The very modern, Guam Museum, is located in the heart of Hagåtña, the capital of Guam.
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17. The historic convict penal colony of Kingston is located on which Pacific island?

Completed in 1835, the Commissariat Store on Norfolk Island is one of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the Southern Hemisphere.
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18. Which Pacific nation is home to Mount Yasur - a volcano which has been continuously erupting for more than 200 years?

Mount Yasur volcano on Tanna island - as viewed from the ash plain.
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19. This is the flag of which Pacific island nation?

Micronesia Flag
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20. Which currency would you be spending if you were shopping in Papeete central market?

Colourful sarongs on sale at Papeete central market.
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Travel Quiz 42: Pacific Islands Quiz
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