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World Travel Quiz

This is a World Travel Quiz from taste2travel!


How well do you know the countries of the World?

Test your knowledge with this World Travel quiz from taste2travel.


How well will you score? Your result will be displayed at the bottom of the quiz – will you get to see the legendary Marco Polo?

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Good luck!


01. What's the capital of Barbados?

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02. In terms of area, what's the smallest Republic on the planet?

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03. What's the capital of North Korea?

The impressive edifice of the State Central Historical museum overlooks Kim Il-sung square in Pyongyang.
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04. In terms of area, which is the 2nd largest country in South America?

Iguazú Falls Argentina
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05. What's the name of the currency of Turkey?

Turkey Flag
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06. The Hindu Kush mountain range can be found in which country?

A view, from Tajikistan, of the soaring peaks of the Hindu Kush mountain range in neighbouring Afghanistan.
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07. Which country is home to the Salar de Uyuni, the World's largest salt plain?

A view, from Isla Incahuasi, of the totally surreal Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world's largest salt plain at 10,582 square km (3,900 square mi).
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08. Which country would you be in if you were visiting the Galápagos Islands?

A very colourful Galapagos land iguana on South Plaza Island.
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09. Which country shares a land border with Papua New Guinea?

Artwork on display at Lae airport.
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10. How many countries does China share a border with?

China Flag
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11. What's the capital of Guyana?

A rainbow over Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.
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12. The world's 2nd longest river flows through which country?

Daily storm clouds gather over the Amazon River near Belém.
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13. Which country would you be in if you were visiting the ancient city of Samarkand?

The Registan and its three madrasahs. From left to right: Ulugh Beg Madrasah, Tilya-Kori Madrasah and Sher-Dor Madrasah.
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14. What's the name of the highest mountain in New Zealand?

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15. What's the capital of Tajikistan?

Located in Rudaki park, a statue of Rudaki stands in front of a beautiful mosaic archway which features astronomical bodies.
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16. Which is the most populous city in Ecuador?

The Ecuadorian metropolis of Guayaquil is the gateway to the Galápagos Islands.
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17. Which country would you be in if you were watching the sunset from the capital of Port-au-Spain?

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18. Cayenne is the capital of which territory?

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19. Which country is considered an 'atoll' nation?

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20. In which US city would you find Anish Kapoor's 'The Bean'?

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Travel Quiz 01: Worldwide
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Darren McLean is an Australian full-time digital nomad who has spent 36 years on a slow meander around the globe, visiting all seven continents and 236 UN+ countries and territories.

He founded taste2travel to pique one’s curiosity and inspire wanderlust.

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