I’m Darren McLean and welcome to my website – taste2travel.com

The intention of taste2travel is to (hopefully) create useful, usable travel guides/ reports on destinations I have visited.

I’m a native of Newcastle (Australia) but have a poor record of attendance in my home country. I first left home in 1987 and have spent the majority of my time since then working and travelling abroad. I have lived in Australia, New Zealand and Europe where I have worked as a Technology Consultant, which has financed my travels.

At the tender age of 20, my first trip took me to Hong Kong, where I was mesmerised by the city’s energy and dynamism. It was on the streets of Kowloon that I fell in love with all the excitement that travel has to offer and decided to always keep travelling. Since that first trip, I have explored 193 countries and territories and have visited all 7 continents.

I’m a keen photographer and, unless otherwise stated, all photos on the site are mine. If I use a photo from another source I will quote the source.

In the last five years I have travelled to every country and territory in the Caribbean, meandered through every part of South America, visited Antarctica on an expedition ship, explored most islands in the Pacific and spent extensive periods road-tripping across the USA plus made numerous trips to Europe and Asia.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact me via the contact page.

I hope you enjoy the website.

Safe travels!


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