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Travel Quiz 19: Commonwealth Flags

How well do you know Mexico and Central America? 

Test your knowledge with this quick quiz from taste2travel. How well will you score?

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01. The ancient Mayan city of Tikal is located on which country?

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02 . The tiny island of Caye Caulker is located in which country?

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03 . In which country would you be if you were watching 'La Danza de los Voladores' (Dance of the Flyers) at 'La Alborada' festival in San Miguel de Allende?

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04 . If you were shopping in Nicaragua, which currency would you be using?

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05 . In which country is the ruined ancient Mayan city of Palenque?

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06. The Panama hat is made in which country?

Despite their name, Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador.
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07. The Mexican city of Acapulco lies on which body of water?

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08 . Which of these countries is more southerly?

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09. In which country is the Manuel Antonio National Park located?

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10. The historic city of Granada is the oldest city of which country?

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11. By which name are these colourful hand-made instruments known?

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12. If you were shopping at the weekly craft market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, which currency would you be using?

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13. This is the flag of which country?

Panama Flag
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14. Public transportation in Guatemala is comprised of former school buses from which country?

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15. Founded in 1524, the historic city of Antigua is located in the central highlands of which country?

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16. Which type of traditional food is being prepared by this Mayan villager?

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17. The Sea of Cortez is a body of water located between mainland Mexico and which other land mass?

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18. The natives of Guatemala are descendants of which ancient civilisation?

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19. Which country is famous for its canal?

The gigantic MSC Antigua entering Lake Gatun locks.
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20. This type of lizard is commonly seen on the beaches of Costa Rica. What is it?

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Travel Quiz 20: Mexico and Central America
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Travel Quiz 20: Mexico and Central America Travel Quiz 20: Mexico and Central America 

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