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1. With a population of 7,700 which city is the least populated US state capital?

2. The capital of Ohio is?

3. In which city is the New York State capital building located?

4. In which city would you be if you were visiting the Space Needle?

5. The now-abbreviated 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles originally read?

6. In which US city would you find Anish Kapoor's 'Cloud Gate' aka - 'The Bean'?

7. In which state would you be if you were watching ice cream being produced at the headquarters of Ben & Jerry's?

8. The former residence of which famous author is now a tourist attraction in Key West?

9. Which city was the birthplace and childhood home of Michael Jackson and his siblings?

10. The Chinese fortune cookie was first created at a Chinatown bakery in which city?

11. In which city is the 'Rock & Roll Hall' of Fame located?

12. On which Manhattan street is the front of the New York Stock Exchange located?

13. In which city would you be if you were visiting Universal Resort in Florida?

14. The people of which country gifted the 'Statue of Liberty' to the people of the United States?

15. The coastal forests of Northern California are home to which giant trees?

16. In which city is the annual 'Indy 500' car race held?

17. The headquarters of the United Nations are in which city?

18. If you were watching the sunset over Seattle harbour, you would be observing which body of water?

19. If you were visiting Hershey's Chocolate World, you would be in which state?

20. In which state is the first US Presidential primary election always held?



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